The Dove Meets His Turtledove Of Love

Part 1 of 3

Posted January 6, 2007 by beamlette & Clara in OR




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**looks around the room**

Imriel: I heard that my little Bird of Paradise was to meet me here today... but I don't see her... yet.



**from a higher vantage point**
Hibou: *hoooooo* -it-IS-... -Dove-mine- *hoooohooooo* -care-ful-are-we-



Imriel: Surely I did not misunderstand the time... and this is the place...



Hibou: *hoooooo-ooo-ooo* -hand-some-my-Dove-is- *hoohoo*



Imriel: *sigh* Perhaps I was misinformed... maybe she doesn't want me after all... **eyes mist over**



Hibou: *HOOOOOOO*! -Dove-MINE-here-am-I! **hurls self**



**raises head**

Imriel: -- Is it -- that -- sounds like -- my



**lands suddenly**

Imriel: OOOOOOF! Ah -- er -- uh

Hibou: *hoooo* -Dove-not-get-away-from-Hibou-... -Hibou-at-last-HERE- *hoooohoo*


Imriel: It's you, my Turtledove... my little feather girl... it's REALLY you... **gently strokes feathers**
Hibou: *hoooooooo* -so-pretty-is-Dove-... -yesss- *hoohoo*



Hibou: *hoo-ooo* -flew-I-miles-many-rewarded-am-I- *hooHOO*!
Imriel: Not to pick nits with my Turtledove of Love, but you are, um, just a little, er, heavier than I thought... not that there's anything wrong with that... noooo, other than the squashed nerve in my thigh... my love.



Will they hit it off? I think this answers the question:


Kiss of the Elf Man



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