Erm, Hiro, what’s up with that

THING on your head?

Posted January 2, 2007 by beamlette & galatia9




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Fenchurch: -- is it alive or dead? And it's got split ends something fierce.
Hiro: Linda says it's a tribble, but I don't know what that is. Do they sell hair conditioner for tribbles?



Fenchurch: Lemme see -- maybe it'd like a little skritch -- here, Fuzzy, that's a gooood boy –

Hiro: Uh, Fenchurch, do you mind? It might not be house trained.



Fenchurch: Ah -- HAHAHAHA! It's got EYES! It WINKED at me -- hahaha...

Hiro: *hurt* Hey! You're gonna hurt its feelings... if it has any...



Fenchurch: HahahahahahaHahahahaHaha -- can't -- haha -- stop -- laughing -- hahaha...
Hiro: You're gonna give him a complex... *grumpy* Or maybe you'll give ME one!



Fenchurch: Seriously, Hiro, you should take Fuzzy in for his shots, and maybe a nice flea dip. Will Linda let you keep him, then?
Hiro: WHAT?? You mean you're not taking him home?? Linda didn't give him to me, I thought he was YOURS!


Thanks to galatia9, and to Hiro for being such a sport



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