“Trespassers Shall Be Severely Dealt With”

Posted November 4, 2009




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Guess who else went up to Oregon with Winslow and Persephone…


Tragic Plum: Ohhhh, I have a feeling we shouldn’t be in here…even the teddy bear says so… oooooh

Teddy Bear: …Doom…d-doooooooom!



Angry Sparrow: Look to me like de maid don’ come in here much, ei’der *cough*.



Buddha Girl: I tink dis drawer is wat dey call fo’ de UNMENTION’BLES – woo!



Angry Sparrow: *lifting veil corner* Hey - here she is. De big, bad vampire, Draculina.

Buddha Girl: Yeah, she not lookin' so bad dere is she?  I heard dem say she been sleepin' since her boyfriend, T'nai Wild Man went home.  She don' look like she gonna wake up any time soon neid'er.

Tragic Plum: Oooh… but we’ve been so noisy… I know I couldn’t sleep… ooooh

Teddy Bear: …don’t…forget… d-dooooooom!



Buddha Girl: Aw, she sleepin' like log.  Hey look - she gots some swell stuff up dere on her dresser.  Maybe we take s'venir with us.  Show we were in de big bad vampire room!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, we show ev’ybody we not afraid of no vampire.

Tragic Plum: But… I am afraid… of everything else, anyway… ooooh



Draculina: Well, what do we have here? It looks like breakfast in bed. How nice of you to accommodate me like this so that I don't even have to go hunting.

Buddha Girl: We not you breakfast!  We too little – dey not enough blood in ALL a’us fo’ you to quench you thirst!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, I jus’ make a li’l squirt.

Draculina: True, you are small. Hardly worth the effort. Still, there must be some retribution made for trespassing into a vampire's lair. I can hardly let you get away with such a transgression now, can I?

Tragic Plum: Oooh, no, no… please don't squeeze us dry, Ms. Draculina! Let us leave… and we’ll never bother you again... everoooooh


Draculina: Ah yes, little sad one. Perhaps I should leave one witness to spread the word on the fate that befalls those that cross the line. So you run along now, while I enjoy a little snack. Let's see, one now and I'll save the other one for my mid-day treat.

Tragic Plum: No, noooooo… don't eat my sisters!  *yells*  Somebody, somebody!  Help my sisters!... Ooooooh, Mister Rhodry… you’re just in time!... oooooh!

Rhodry: What’s going on in here – is that you, Miss Plum? Ah! Now, Draculina – put down Miss Sparrow, immediately! We can’t have you feeding on our guests like this. I wouldn’t enjoy having to explain this to Ms. Beamlette, either! 

Buddha Girl: Eh, tanks, Mister Rhodry, you save our hides from dis bloodsucker! I know she you sister, but dat no call to go munchin’ on us.

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, dat close call. *slides down boot*

Tragic Plum: Ooooh, Mister Rhodrythank you… I couldn’t go sisterless, I really couldn’t have, noooo….

Rhodry: Nor would I want you to, Ms. Plum. As for my sister – Draculina, what have you to say to our guests? –

Draculina: Hmmmm, let me see, dear Rhodry... if you are insinuating I should issue an apology, I think you have quite missed the big picture in this situation. The little pests came into MY room without my invitation. I was merely behaving as any self-respecting vampire would behave. Since they are the human equivalent of fast food, the next time they invade my boudoir, I shall be MUCH quicker!



What a shame Draculina missed the opportunity to taste these piquant little birdies!


Who else but the Sparrows would celebrate Thanksgiving, and with such enthusiasm, though TP seems a little down…


Bein’ T’ANKFULL is wat it all about *burp*



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