*Teeny* bikini, BIG tizzy!

Posted September 8, 2007




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Young Chance: Hey… whaddya think our older selves are talkin’ about, anyway?

Young Quade: Dunno… let’s listen in.



Chance: …I’ve never  seen Wynnefred like that. I mean, dressed like that. Wow…

Quade: Well, you live a pretty sheltered life, y’know, even for where you live, with all those chicks of all sizes.



Chance: I know… I mean, that’s a tiny  swimsuit Wynnefred was wearing; how did she get past Nai with that? He must not be around. I hope everyone’s okay there.

Quade: Eh, maybe he’s not bein’ so uptight anymore, getting with the modern agenda. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt for you to relax too, Mr. Prim’n’Proper *burp*.



Young Chance: Can you hear what they’re saying?

Young Quade: Yeah – something about you bein’ sheltered by a lotta women or somethin’ –

Young Chance: What? Is THAT what they do?



Chance: Oh sure, just make fun of me! “Chance is a big fat dweeb!” That’s what you ALWAYS say!

Quade: Now hold on there – I didn’t call you a dweeb, per se…



Chance: Yeah, but I know you THOUGHT it. Just because I believe in a little decorum and civility -- *hmph*

Quade: Hey now, there’ll be plenty of time for that when we’re old farts. Right now we’re comin’ into our own, and we need to start enjoyin’ some of the benefits that come with it –



Chance: Well, yes, but –

Quade: I see it this way – you’ve got a girlfriend, and she likes to dress to show her success. I mean, dude, you have a HOT chica  there! I used to think she was this little prissy sort like you, but – whoa! She knows how to make it WORK! **gestures with hands**



Young Quade: I think they’re talkin’ about your future girlfriend – doin’ that shapey hand thing –

Chance: What? You sure? Me – not you?



Chance: That DOES it! **backhands him** Don’t you go talking like that about Wynnefred! She’s OFF LIMITS to you!

Quade: OW! Watch the glasses! Now see, that’s what I’m talkin’ about – Mega- uptight, my friend!



Young Chance: Oh MAN! How come they wanna talk about GIRLS! MAJOR cootie time!

Young Quade: No kiddin’ – I’m gonna barf…



Rachel responded that Quade was a Neanderthal, which didn’t phase him in the least –





Hey, Rachel

Posted by Quade on September 9, 2007



Quade: THANKS for the compliment! I consider myself a pretty elemental guy. You are one perceptive -- and may I add HOT? -- chick. I think a date is in our future. *wink*
Chance: Oh yeah, like THAT will really win her over!



Why is it no surprise that Rachel wasn’t charmed?


There’s a saying about guests and fish stinking after so many days. Black Violet isn’t exactly stinking, but I think she’s had enough…


All not-so-good things must come to an end…



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