Uh-oh – It’s Tancredi and Waramon talking

Posted April 27, 2006




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Waramon: I bet you can’t do it.

Tancredi: Eh, eet CAN be done.



Waramon: $20 says you’re on.

Tancredi: Ver-ee well…



Tancredi: Here, hold zees, keed. **hands cigarette to Chance**

Chance: ????

Fenchurch: ????



Chance: What the -- ? *!!!!*


Fenchurch: mmmph! *!!!!*



Waramon: You win – here’s your $20.

Tancredi: Eet ees not about ze mon-ee, eez ze prin-ci-ple of zee theeng, no?

Chance: Geez, Fenchurch – are you OK?

Fenchurch: EW *ptui* it was like kissing the bottom of an ashtray.



After a couple weeks’ hiatus to go to a doll convention, it was time to get back to work in a cheerful little story featuring the Sparrow Sisters with Fenchurch:


Hiro, the Sparrow Sisters and I



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