Alone Time...

Posted January 19, 2012 




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This past summer, Jill in WV’s Pete (Souldoll Lune) came to visit my Persephone (Souldoll Clara). Persephone was delighted to have Pete here, but –


Persephone: *sigh* I wish that your entire sojourn here could be as peaceful and solitary as we are now –

Pete: And who says it can’t be?



Persephone: If by some unnatural phenomenon, the rest of this household’s denizens vanished to a yet-uncharted dimension, then and only then may we have the desired solitude –

Pete: Not going to happen, is it?



Persephone: No – more’s the pity.

Pete: I dunno; so far it hasn’t been all that bad –



Persephone: You are correct, Peter, but given the law of averages and the universe in general,

     this lull cannot sustain itself. Like tiny crustaceans, we shall be caught up in the return of the tides and swirled amid the maelstrom –

Pete: Eh, we’ll get ourselves some water wings, and we’ll be fine. Ride the wave –

Persephone: If only a flotation device were all that’s needed here –

Pete: A snorkel, then? Too bad I forgot to pack one *chuckle*.



Persephone: Your levity is much appreciated, Peter, but – I doubt a snorkel or even full deep sea diving gear will get us through the dreaded parental meeting –

Pete: D’you suppose they’d even notice if we showed up dressed like that?

Persephone: *considers* Hum… they might not blink an eye, but –



Pete: Well, we’ll just have to hold your nose and get it over with *honk*!

Persephone: OH!



Pete: Now that I have your attention, my advice is, in the immortal words of that singular guide, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “Don’t Panic”.

Persephone: Yes… **rubs nose**



Persephone: Oh Peter, I know I am over-thinking this, but – well, I suppose we should go now, and get it over with once for all –

Pete: Sure, Perseph, but hold on a minute; I’ve got one more piece of advice for you –






Persephone: Your definition of “advice” is unorthodox… but I like it – *smooch*

Pete: Whatever works… *smooch*



Bonus outtake –


Pete: How about I’ll use your ponytail to re-enact that old chestnut – “You WILL pay the rent!” “I can’t pay the rent!” –

Persephone: It appears we have an audience – “Curses, foiled again!”



At least P&P have a sense of humor, which will be put to the test during the rest of the visit...


 Starting with –


The Dreaded Parental Meeting



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