Falalalala…or, How NOT to Spend Christmas!

Posted December 25, 2011




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Santa Blackie: Guess we’re done listeninta kids fer another year. Ya done a good job as m’helper Elves, kept the anklebiters in line, which is pretty funny, since YOU’RE anklebiters to THEM –

Buddha Girl: Eh, it not so much de bitin’ – more like de twistin’!

Angry Sparrow: N’de good swif’ kick –

Tragic Plum: Oh yes… and the flying tackleooooh



Buddha Girl: Anyhoo, Santy, how ‘bout our presents wat we worked for dat you promise?

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, no welchin’ on de promise –

Tragic Plum: Oh yes, Santa, we’ve been ever so good, working hard… we wouldn’t like to have to work you over, TOO… oooooh

Santa Claus: Heck no, little girlies, Santa Blackie NEVER welshes on his promises, especially to YOU (an’ after seeinya in action!) –



Santa Blackie: Ms. Zimmy here’s gotcher a bag fulla good things –

Zimta: *sings* For Sparrows brave and true, all good things a feast to make for you –

Sparrows (in unison): YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!



Buddha Girl: Eh, a WHOLE box’a yams – ‘n ‘pliances, too – lookit de swell toasty oven ‘n squeeeeezer *chuckle* –

Angry Sparrow: Dey’s a rice cooker – we needed a noo one, too –

Tragic Plum: Oh my… a WHOLE salmon…and SO fresh…he just winked at me…ooooh

Myrtle: Hmmmmm… **eyeing the goods**



Myrtle: Hand over the swag, pipsqueaks, and nobody gets hurt, understand? **shakes fist**

Buddha Girl: Eh, who you and wat you say dat fo’? Dis OUR X-mas presents!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, get you own rice cooker!

Washi: Here now, Myrtle, I wouldn’t start in with them, if I were you – shoo, shoo!

Tragic Plum: No…no, you can’t have MY fish…we have a SPECIAL relationship, ooooooh



Santa Blackie: I’m sensin’ a dust-up’s imminent – think we’d better step in?

Zimta: Oh aye, or dust be the least of what’s stirred!



Myrtle: Leggo a’me, ya big baboon! **thrashing**

Santa Blackie: Hey, hey, there, watch who ya callin’ a critter, ya little badger. Quit yer squirmin’ –

Buddha Girl: Mister Wishy, why you hol’ me – I gots a score ta settle wit dat thievin’ girl – show her de business end of a YAM, grrrrr!

Washi: And that’s precisely WHY I’m confining you – calm down –

Angry Sparrow: Eh, I gots to help Sister; why you stoppin’ me, Greenie Hair?

Zimta: This not really be the needed help, Sparrow Angry – and for the Season not!

Tragic Plum: Oooh, don’t hurt my sisters…or my FISH…ooooh





Santa Blackie: Heh, we hope yer Christmas is MORE peaceful than the one here!

Myrtle: Mmmmpppphhhh#@$%*!!!!!!

Buddha Girl: Yeh, don’ let anybody steal you X-mas, eider!

Angry Sparrow: An’ don’ spend it inna BAG –

Tragic Plum: Unless…you’re with your FAMILY…oooooh

Washi: At least you ARE together!

Zimta: Christmas HAPPY and New Year MERRY, one and all! **waving**



Keep the faith, and keep the peace for the holidays!


A little romance is in the air –


Alone Time...



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