Ma belle E’Clair, I saw your peec-tures >>>

Posted June 19, 2006 by Tancredi




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Zat you post yes-terday, an’ zey make ma coeur so glad…


You are zo beau-teeful an’ ee-nocent an’ a lee-tle naugh-tee aussi – I like zat.

Mais zen I theenk how we are zo far apart…



An’ zen I am triste, zo triste, I turn ma face to ze floor, an’ forget every-zhing… even to feed ma chat…


Mais zen I theenk of you again, an’ when we may be to-gezher, an’ zen I am at peace…


Love an’ keeses,

Your Tancredi


While Tancredi pines for his ladylove, Hiro and Fenchurch move to the next level in their friendship in this story, written jointly with Hiro’s guardian galatia9 (Linda Soule) when Fen paid him a visit:


Fenchurch and Hiro have a little chat



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