Fenchurch and Hiro have a little chat

Posted June 21, 2006 by Galatia9 and beamlette




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Hiro: Hey, Fenchurch, can I ask you something?
Fenchurch: Sure, Hiro. **looks over at him** What?
Hiro: Did your mom name you after the character in "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"? I was reading it for the first time the other day, and I noticed someone in it had the same name as you.
Fenchurch: Ha, you're on to me! Yes, my mom named me for her. She loved those books, and I do too. I've read them many times over *smile*.


Hiro: I like them a lot so far. I always wondered why you had such an unusual name, and what it meant, and where it came from. I mean, other than from your mom and dad. You know what I mean.
Fenchurch: I'm glad I have an unusual name. Although some parents try too hard that way. And kids can say weird things about names, but I didn't have a big problem that way. After I beat up one kid in kindergarten, it was all OK after that *laughs*.


Hiro: *chuckles* I can just imagine you doing that. No one ever made fun of my name, I guess it's pretty ordinary, like "George" or "David" would be in English. But... I like your name, even if it is unusual. It's funny how associating a name with a person makes it suddenly special to you.
Fenchurch: What does your name mean in Japanese?


Hiro: *shrugs* If you take it apart, it's just random words. Like, "hiro" is just a measurement. You know how six feet of water is called a fathom? That's what it means, "fathom".
Fenchurch: Hmmmm... **looks around** It's a beautiful day... and so peaceful... I'm glad you suggested coming here.


Hiro: What's the matter, am I unfathomable? *grins*
Fenchurch: *smiles* Well, not when we play poker. I usually win because YOU can't keep a straight face!
Hiro: *wryly* Yeah, I know I have NO poker face! But... am I really unfathomable the rest of the time? Because I don't THINK I am. Sometimes I think people can always tell what I'm feeling. Like... right now, for example.


Fenchurch: No -- no, you're, um, fathomable -- if that's a word. On the other hand, one should never assume, either...
Hiro: I know... and that's kind of why I asked you to come over for a while today.


Hiro: I, uh... I wanted to talk to you about something so that... we're not making assumptions about each other any more. I wanted to tell you... I think I made a mistake. *doesn't meet her eyes* Remember when I introduced myself to you?
Fenchurch: M-hm, I sure do...


Hiro: *blushes* Well... I said something I shouldn't have said. I told you I wasn't looking for a girlfriend... and it's true, I wasn't... not at the time. But I'm afraid that when I said that... it might have made you not take me seriously, not as anything more than a friend. And now... well... I sort of wish that I hadn't said that, because... because now I wish you WOULD think of me as more than a friend. *hastily* I don't mean you have to right now, not right this minute, but... maybe later?
Fenchurch: I already know my answer, Hiro... it's "yes."


Hiro: Uh... what? Did you say... "yes"?
Fenchurch: Uh-huh. No foolin'.
Hiro: No foolin'... So... you really are serious too?
Fenchurch: M-hm. Cross my heart. *makes crossing gesture* As serious as you want it to be. But not so serious that it's humorless.


Hiro: I don't think we have to worry about THAT, do you?
Fenchurch: You and me? Not at all.


Hiro: Fenchurch, did I tell you? Today's my birthday...
Fenchurch: It is??
Hiro: Yes... and you might be the best present I ever got.



By the way, today really IS Hiro's birthday... he came home to me a year ago today. -- Linda S. (galatia9)




That following weekend, the Zone of Zen photo theme was a very suitable one for my resin crowd, practically a gimme, in:


“Freaks and Geeks”



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