Out-of-character  OR-

 I owe Fenchurch BIG TIME for this one

 Posted May 21, 2006




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She wears this dress from Marie/Dreamgirls very well. Tancredi thinks so, too –





And now for a closer look –



Closer –



Tancredi reaches for the elbow that has heretofore challenged his affections –




Tancredi: Ah, ma petite framboise, don’t we make a pret-ty pic-ture ensemble?

Fenchurch: I’d just as soon give you a wedgie, except a) you probably go commando, and b) you’d like it too much.

Tancredi: For you, Cherie, I would ‘appily wear ze under-warez. *blows kiss*



This caused Hiro to post a special illustrated commentary to Fenchurch about how she looked so lovely, but also how he liked to see her and hear from her on the board, and that he hoped she would like his message in return.


Fenchurch returned the favor, with this acknowledgement:


Thank you, Hiro >>>  posted May 21, 2006.


…for saying those lovely things. *blush*


Guardian can be a little nutty sometimes, so we all humor her.   I must admit I did like wearing the dress – it’s amusing to play-act, as long as I can get back to “normal”.

I always enjoy seeing and talking to you, too. You’re fun and wild and full of life, with a good heart underneath it all. And I’m truly glad that you and Tadashi are together again.


Your friend,




A reply came back, but from Hiro’s brother Tadashi -- ! Tadashi noted that Hiro would have to get back to her later, as he was sprawled on the floor, mumbling and giggling to himself. Fenchurch, not sure what this reaction meant, tersely recommended to Tadashi, “Ahhh, give him a wedgie and get it over with.” With which Tadashi cheerfully complied.


The next day, Fenchurch sent a message to Hiro, intending to save face for the both of them:


Hey, Hiro >>>  posted May 22, 2006.


That sure was a load of verbiage I shoveled at you yesterday! **shakes head and laughs**


But seriously, you remind me of my cousins that I grew up with in Arizona, and I realize how much I miss all that since I came here. Not that my life isn’t good here – it’s just – ODD, is all.


I’ll let you get back to adjusting your underwear.


Your friend,




Hiro made light of it in his response, but a couple days later, he wrote to Dear Draculina, as “Really Frantic”, wondering how he could make a certain girl he knew realize that he was wanting to be more than her friend. Needless to say, he didn’t like the advice given, but the matter had its way of working out, in the form of a soccer match between Fenchurch and Kenzo versus Hiro and Chance. But before the match, time for a Sparrows epic, called:


Let Them Eat Cake – a Tabitha/Sparrows Story



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