Iím so happy because my cousin Kenzo >>>

Posted May 11, 2006 by Oona




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Öhas come to live here. Our guardian thought he should be here with us.


Oona: Kenzo, itís been so LONG since Iíve seen you Ė

Kenzo: Since we were kids. You used to have braids, and Iíd pull them.



Oona: *giggle* Yes, you did. And I had such a crush on you!

Kenzo: I had a crush on you, too, though I had a funny way of showing it, didnít I?



Tarquin: Uh-huh. Youíd better watch your back, kid. I think he still has the hots for Oona.

Paladin:Nuh-uh. Iím not listening to you and your cr*p anymore. You can play your little mind games somewhere else.

Tarquin: Donít say I didnít warn you Ė



Paladin: Eh, youíre still sore because Fenchurch turned you down.

Tarquin: How about I give you an atomic wedgie, LITTLE bro?

Paladin: Ahhh, bite me!



Gobnait: Mmm, that Kenzoís a SWEET treat!

Boudicca: Good things come in small packages, I hear.



Gobnait: Then that means YOUíRE a bit much!

Boudicca: You arenít exactly a minimalist YOURSELF, you overblown trollop!

Waramon: Now, now, my lovelies, thereís quite enough to go around Ė of BOTH you and him *smile*



Tancredi: I do not know what all zee fuss eet ees about. Mamízelle Oona, she ees hap-py, what more ees zere to dees-cuss. As long as he does not smoke MY cee-garettes, I am hap-py.



Fenchurch: Hm, maybe weíll have someone else to play soccer with -- !

Chance: Thatíd be good.

Tabitha: Or Ultra-Brockian CRICKET! WOO!



Kenzo: *thinking* Smile and donít make any eye contact just yetÖ



Who says my resin kids arenít appreciative Ė they gave me a Motherís Day card in:


Look what I got for Motherís Day!



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