Close Quarters

Posted July 21, 2006




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Fenchurch: Maybe that book I want wound up in here



Fenchurch: What the -- ? Tabby! How the heck did you get in HERE?



Fenchurch: Let me pull off that duct tape --
Tabitha: Mh - mh - mh - mh... *sob*



Tabitha: *gasp-gasp* It was HORRIBLE! Those d*mn Sparrows attacked me and put me in the cupboard! And I think Shulamith put them up to it -- so she *sob* could steal -- my -- MALFOY!
Fenchurch: Well, I know there was bad blood anyway between you and the Sparrows. And Shulamith does act cozy around Malfoy.


Fenchurch: I can set up a parley between you and the Sparrows, to try to mend fences. They may listen to me. And they probably won't like it when they hear they've been used.
Tabitha: *Sniiiif* I gotta... I gotta get back my Malfoy from that WITCH.



Fenchurch: Now, Sparrows, I know you and Tabitha have your, um, DIFFERENCES -- but it's gone too far this time. And you were used by someone, too.
Buddha Girl: We USED?
Angry Sparrow: How dat happen?
Tragic Plum: Ooooh, I don't like the sound of this...



Tabitha: That Shulamith -- she stole my Malfoy. And she made sure YOU got me, so she could just come in and scoop him up -- *snif*



Buddha Girl: Hey, we thought other big girl on OUR side. She give us latte. You always give us cr*p. So we attack.
Angry Sparrow: Yeh, OUR side.
Tragic Plum: Oh, that wasn't very nice of the other girl, oh no... what should we do?...



Fenchurch: Sparrows, *I* think you know what you should do. And you owe Tabby an apology, too.
Buddha Girl: Eh, guess you right.
Angry Sparrow: You right dis time.
Tragic Plum: Oh gosh... we don't get much practice at apologies... ooooh...



Buddha Girl: Eh, big girl -- we apologize. We shake on it!
Angry Sparrow: Yeh, we shake.
Tragic Plum: Oh yes, we can do that...
Tabitha: Okay then -- it's a deal.
Fenchurch: That's more like it.



Buddha Girl: OK, now we make dat truce, we got OTHER business to finish. C'mon, sisters! You too, big girl.
Angry Sparrow: Yeh, business to FINISH.
Tragic Plum: Oooh, I think we're gonna be BUSY... ooooh...



Culminating in part three:


Woe Betide Shulamith



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