Gav, I think we’re two of a kind

Posted August 16, 2006 by Shulamith




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Like you, I just don't fit in here, either...



Not that I *really* care. There's a lotta losers I have to share space with.



Ms. Beamlette bandies around the phrase, "Buyer's Remorse," whenever she talks about me. Not exactly endearing.



My big blunder was doing the Scarlett O'Hara delusion -- falling for the weak, artsy-fartsy boy. What a mistake that was.



Live and learn, I guess. So I've pretty well alienated everyone here, and it's a lonely existence -- not that I'm unused to being the pariah.



So anytime you want to blow this crackerjack factory, look me up -- I'm game.

Yours for the asking,




While interested, Gav warned her that he wasn’t into any serious relationships, which was fine with her. This little exchange caught the attention of Clara Abrams’ new boy, JB (short for Jersey Boy, AKA D’Angelo), who she flirted with next:


Hey there, Jersey Boy



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