All that’s missing is the top hat

Posted  November 2, 2006




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Chance: I just want to look like I take this dance seriously **fret fret**.
Paladin: I dunno -- I think Oona's having a little fun with your head here, Fred Astaire.



Oona: I know it looks a bit over the top –

Paladin: Sky-high's more like it, Oo.

Oona: But you DO look good in it –

Chance: *sigh* Better than I FEEL –

Oona: Please don't worry, Chance, I have another suit here for you to try. You'll look great for Wynnefred, I promise.



Chance: OH! I've been worrying about my clothes, but WHO'S going to watch Maeby?

Oona: Oh -- well, I think we can find SOMEBODY –



Allegra: **to self** Chance needs some help -- *I* can help...!



Allegra: Um, did I hear you say you need a babysitter?...
Oona: Allegra! How sweet! You heard correctly. Chance needs a sitter for Maeby.

Chance: Ummm



Allegra: I had LOTS of experience babysitting before I came here. And Maeby's so sweet, she won't be any trouble. I'll be so glad to do this for you, Chance -- please?
Chance: Uh, gosh... yes, that'd be really swell of you -- it'd be a really big help, Allegra -- thanks!...



Allegra: **thinking** ...thank YOU, Chance...



Chance’s worries were all for naught, as Wynnefred happily told him she’d had a lovely evening, and he responded in kind:


Gosh, Wynnefred



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