Tabitha presents –

Kingstate Fainting Couch and 2 Tables

 Posted August 22, 2008




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For your consideration, these extra Kingstate pieces that I have; the charming Tabitha is my spokesmodel… :D


First, the tables –

Tabitha: Yup, they’re tables, all right. You can put stuff on them, under them – the usual.



Tabitha: The legs are sturdy, but they’re a little wonky. Looks cartoony, doesn’t it?



Tabitha: This one has a ding. Maybe one of those #@$% Elves chewed on it!

Me: Tabby, please, give the Elf thing a rest, sweetie.



Me: And speaking of rest, you’re lying down on the job, Tabitha!

Tabitha: Hey! Just showin’ how well it works – customer service, and all that.



Tabitha: See, it’s a perfectly good couch – snazzy leopard print, too. Every home needs one!

Me: Atta girl, Tabby – you’re a born salesman *chuckle*.



Tabitha: And now for the dull factual stuff – Ms. Beamlette says she would like $5 each for the tables, and $15 for the couch, or whatever you have to trade as equivalent – shoes, wigs, clothes. The hard part is the shipping; Priority Mail is kinda pricy, depending on where it’s going, roughly $30 to $35 for the couch, or a table and couch combo; the table, around $25. If you can stand waiting – and I HATE waiting, don’t you? – Parcel Post is around $20 – 25 for the couch, $15 for the table. UPS might be OK, but that #@$% UPS site won’t let us figure what Ground might be –

Me: Tabby, hon, language! Otherwise you’re doing fine.

Tabitha: *sigh* I know, I know… anyway, please PM or e-mail us if you’re interested; let’s see if we can make a deal. And I’ll throw in an Elf or two, too!

Me: LOL – please, disregard that last sentence! NO Elves for sale at this time!


We accept Paypal or Postal Money Orders. NO international sales, though; sorry! L



Since the Elves weren’t for sale, there was no deal!


We find Boudicca wondering about something, however, and it has nothing to do with furniture sales –


Boudicca sits alone in the parlour…



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