SWEEM-warez? I don’t find eet neccessaire >>>

Posted May 29, 2006




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… To wear such see-lee bits…




I am ze child of nature, you know –


Blowing keeses to ma cherie E’Clair! 


Weez love,



E’Clair responded by posting a pic of her backside in the buff, which prompted this from Tancredi:


Ah, ma petite jeune fille d’or – I am over-come >>> posted May 31, 2006.


Weez your beau-tee. Why ees eet I am reminded of ze PEACHES een ma maman’s gar-den?


Zey are sweet, but you are sweeter still. *kiss*



June started with a simple post of Fenchurch talking to Hiro in:


 Hi, Hiro



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