Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em

Posted July 9, 2006




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Chance: WHAT'S going ON? You big nimrod, getting KIDS to smoke?! Fen, back me up here!



Fenchurch: Hmmmm, well, let's look at some examples -- you could wind up looking like TANCREDI –



Tancredi: An' WHAT ees zo bad about ZAT?



Fenchurch: OR -- you could end up like PUFF –



Puff: *coff* ...wwwrrrrrowrrrrrr... *coff*



Young Chance: Oh, man, that's pretty GROSS -- here, you have this back.
Young Tabby: *tossing head* Nu-UH. I DON'T want ANY of those!
Tancredi: Bon -- I deedn't like shar-reeing, any-way!



Chance: Hmmmm... don't knock it if you haven't tried it...



Fenchurch: Cut it OUT, Chance! You're not helping here! *backhands him*
Chance: OWWW! It's the DEPRESSION talking, I tell you!



Zone of Zen’s weekend theme was “Fun in the Sun,” and there was fun to be had in:


Some fun in the sun at my house



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