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Posted April 17, 2007




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Easton: Hey, Fenchurch… could we… talk?  Without your bodyguard in the room, preferably.

Fenchurch: Hmmm.



Fenchurch: Tivadar, this shouldn’t take long, and I’ll be okay. You can wait outside the door.

Tivadar: If you wish, Mistress – but I shall be on alert.



Easton: Yeah, you do that. Never know when the bogeyman or Fabien’ll turn up *smirk*.

**frosty glare from the departing Tivadar**

Fenchurch: Don’t bait him like that – I don’t want to have to clean the carpet.



Easton: Mind if I sit next to you, then?

Fenchurch: Suit yourself – just don’t take all day about it. I can’t guarantee how much longer I’ll be in this room.



Easton: Yeah, I know – we don’t have a very good relationship, do we?

Fenchurch: I didn’t know we had ANY relationship – other than the accident of being related.



Easton: Yeah – Dear Old Dad didn’t exactly concern himself with how a family was supposed to fit all together, did he?

Fenchurch: No… he sure didn’t. He just did as he please, never mind the rest of us.



Easton: Yeah, dad was a jerk, and I was Son of Jerk, wasn’t I?

Fenchurch: Whaaaat? Did I – did I hear you right?



Easton: Fen, I’ve been doing some thinking since… since my little encounter with Fabien. It was kind of like when people have near-death experiences and they say their lives flash before their eyes. I see now what a smartass I was, just being like dad. Maybe I thought I was trying to please him with that chip off the ol’ block act whenever he came around. Not that he came around that much. And you know how he could fill up a room with his personality. That “dazzle with brilliance, baffle with bullsh*t” technique of his. Then… he was gone again for another six months, a year, not a peep out of him ‘til the next landing.

Fenchurch: So… he did the same with you, too? Just come and go?...



Fenchurch: When I was real little, I used to be glad to see him. He’d pick me up and put me on his shoulders, and I felt like I could see the whole world, he was so tall. Then he came around less often, and he brought you, and didn’t really seem that interested in me, just in pushing you on us for a few days. And you were SO smug and cocky – I’d get so mad I couldn’t see straight. We’d all be glad when dad took off with you.



Easton: Yeah… and then he’d drop me by home, and be gone in a flash. I wouldn’t see him again until he’d take me to your place. He’d juggle us all, like those plate-spinners. I know you didn’t like me being there, but – it was almost my only time with him. On the way home, he’d talk about you, tease me that I had a smart little sister who could whup my ass. He’d laugh about that…

Fenchurch: I didn’t know…



Fenchurch: So all this time we each thought the other had it better with dad. But you didn’t… he treated you pretty much the same as me. Guess it shows me for assuming.



Easton: Yeah, it’s sort of classic, isn’t it?



Easton: Anyway, I’ve taken enough of your time. OlTivadar’ll be thinking I’ve kidnapped you for ransom or buried you in the basement. Thanks for listening – you’ve been a real sport about it. It feels good to have got it out – real good… see ya around, Fen.

Fenchurch: Eastonare you – leaving leaving?



Easton: Hard to say… depends on a thing or two… ‘bye. **exits**

Fenchurch: …yeah… ‘bye



Fenchurch: Huh… maybe I have a brother after all…



 Kaida has a bright idea to matchmake for Persephone and Pete. Although Kenzo doesn’t usually condone that kind of thing, in Persephone’s case he’s willing to make an exception:


Kaida, this “distraction” for Persephone you mentioned…



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