Tancredi, just to let you know your old cat Puff is doing OK

Posted June 17, 2006 by Chance




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He’s kind of a picky eater, and doesn’t move around a lot, but it’s been a pretty easy job in all. I think he kinda misses you, so come back as soon as you can.

Puff: Rowwwrrrr *koff*



To which his loving owner responded:


Merci, Chance, for at-tending to ma beloved chat >>>

 posted June 17, 2006, by Tancredi


I peecked you because you are ze most ree-sponsible personne een ze maison, an’ you ne-vaireave ze dates an’ ze girl-freends zat dees-tract you.


Eet was ma grand-mere’s – I re-meember many ‘appy heurs playeeng weeth eet when I was un petit garcon. She bee-queathed eet to moi een her will. So eet ees ma leetle beet of ‘er left on theese earth. Pardon moi, eet breengs ze tear to ma oeil



Funny that Tancredi should say Chance had no girlfriends – galatia9 announced the return of Wynnefred, and she was eager to see Chance again! Chance responded in:


Oh Wynnefred >>> posted June 17, 2006 by Chance


It’s – it’s – it’s so good to see YOU!



I know you had responsibilities, so I understood. But *blush* I’m glad to know you thought of me… I thought a lot about YOU. See you SOON –


Your friend,




Rhodry, in gratitude for the Sparrow Sisters’ loyalty to him, sent them a present. In this piece they gleefully expressed their appreciation:


Hey Mister Rhodry, we wanna tank you for da BIG chicken!



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