Ms. Beamlette returns to find a mutiny of sorts

Posted August 2, 2006 by Fenchurch




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Chance has set himself up as King of the Hill, with the Sparrow Sisters as hired guns. It also appears that he has Allegra (Tarquin and Paladin's sister) on his side too -- hmmmm.



Chance: One step closer and you'll feel the sting of my sword!



Allegra: *giggle* And MINE, too!



Buddha Girl: Eh, we ready to FIRE!
Tragic Plum: Ooooh, do you think we have ENOUGH ammo?



Angry Sparrow guards the treasure...



Fenchurch: Ms. Beamlette is back -- so cease and desist!
Chance: Eep!



Fenchurch: Sorry, Chance, but Ms. Beamlette sent me in to end this. Unfortunately she just saw "Pirates 2," and so she made me wear this. For effect.
Sparrow Sisters: Oooooooohhhhhh...



Chance: Erm, would you mind -- lowering that thing... ?
Fenchurch: Sure. As soon as you get down from your high horse.



Chance: *sigh* I knew it couldn't last... Just ONCE I wanted to be the Big Cheese.
Fenchurch: Cheese is stinky -- you don't want to be THAT.
Allegra: *giggle* I don't think so!



And a parting shot of Fenchurch in full costume -- it's a pirate's life for her, yo ho!




As promised, I couldn’t pass up doing something for the cross-dressing theme, could I?


Late entries for the Cross-Dressing Theme



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