A little squib with the 1/6 resin girls –

and a non-resin one, too!

Posted September 11, 2011




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(From a post on Realm of Resin, in response to a thread asking what everyone’s been doing with their dolls, Sept. 11, 2011.)


I've been sorting and culling my Barbie-sized clothes, and had some fun redressing my two Souldoll Littles girls, Donatella and Francesca, and the Sparrows' mom, Imperious Jade –






Francesca:  I don't know how I'm going to explain your outfit to your brother Paolo – that skirt is skin-tight!



Donatella:  Pfft, if you wear something like THIS when you explain it to him, he won't care what I'M wearing *snerk*.



Imperious Jade:  She right you know -- how you tink I got my ring?  *smirk*




Shulamith inspired a quick post for the last day of ZoZ’s monthly color theme –



Shulamith Takes a Bow



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