Kenzo declines the BOOBY PRIZE

Posted July 18, 2006




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Kenzo isn't just a good soccer player. He's also serious about becoming a concert violinist, and we've caught him towards the end of his practice, as he plays Brahms' Waltz in A Flat...




Kenzo: **thinking** Wonder what Kaida is doing right now...



**turns and finds Boudicca directly in front of him**
Kenzo: -Oop!-
Boudicca: You dulcet little music-maker, you. How about a DUET?



**turns to find Gobnait even closer**
Kenzo: -Erk!-
Gobnait: Yes, sweetcheeks -- I'm up for a duet, with YOU, of course!



Boudicca: I do so appreciate classical music -- and you, I imagine, are QUITE classic **smile**
Gobnait: M-hm -- he's CLASSY, all right. More than I can say for YOU.
Kenzo: *********!



Boudicca: You absurd little trollop, don't you know the difference between "classic" and "CLASSY"?
Gobnait: Eh, whatever works, you snotty English stilt!
Kenzo: *********!



Boudicca: Better than a common pygmy, like you. I daresay a BANJO would be too highbrow for your ilk!
Gobnait: You and your swell words and accent! At least *I* won't get a nosebleed!
Kenzo: mmmmmmmm...



Boudicca: Go back and wallow in your sty, you little truffle-hunter! **shove**
Gobnait: You GIRAFFE! All neck and legs **flail** I dunno whether to TRIP you or STRANGLE you **flail**
Kenzo: ...must... get... away... uuuhhhh... **crawl**



Boudicca: Well -- it appears we have lost him altogether, you troublesome little troll.
Gobnait: Hm -- not ALL my fault, ya preying mantis.

Meantime, Shulamith put into action a most devious plan, in three parts beginning with:


The Secret To The Sparrows' Energy



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