Guess who!

Posted October 25, 2006




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Fenchurch: OH! It's -- it's –



Fenchurch: David! Winslow! Aaron! What're you doing here?
David: Ms. Beamlette asked us to come visit you --
Winslow: And we couldn't say no, could we?
Aaron: YEAH! Do ya miss us, Fen? 'cause *I* miss ya. **tugs her sleeve**



Fenchurch: Oh, gosh, *yes*... but it's so good to see you -- you don't know how much.
David: So, what's it like around here?
Winslow: Yeah, you said you had lots of roomies –



Chance: I ask you to mind Maeby for a little bit, and she's off alone, saying she's with her imaginary friends, while you canoodle with Malfoy --
Maeby: But they's REAL, they IS --
Tabitha: Your're always on my case. We were BOTH watching --
Malfoy: ...*canoodle*?...
Tiddlywink and Breezy: *snicker snicker*



Tarquin: Relax, ladies, there's plenty of me to go around.
Boudicca: I NEVER accept leftovers --
Gobnait: No problem, because there won't be ANY when *I* get done with him!
Easton: Play your cards right, and you'll get the full monty.
Shulamith: Oh, I'm a card sharp, don't worry about me, blondie.



Tancredi: I must to work now -- I 'ave ze responsibee-lee-ties now, you know.
Waramon: I'm so impressed at your sense of responsibility, my brother. I never knew you had it in you *smirk*.
Persephone: "Part-Time Angel of Death" -- I wonder how you write the job description for THAT.



Hibou: *hooooooo*... -taste-soon-these-morsels-small-... *hoooooo*
Buddha Girl: HURRY, sisters! Dat crazy birdlady hot on our hamster slippers!
Angry Sparrow: She big crazy bird.
Tragic Plum: Oooooh... we're so small... we can't be very much for her... oooooh...



Winslow: Hey, Fen, you never told us you ran away and joined THE CIRCUS!


Finally Hiro sees the cousin Fen had spoken of idolizing years ago, and he asks:


Hey Fenchurch, um…



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