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Posted May 27, 2006 by Fenchurch




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…and yeah, I think we’re all done in, too –


Chance: AAAHHHHH… I’m run ragged. Don’t ask me to move again.

Kenzo: Yeah, I’m pretty beat. But as Fen said, good game.

Tancredi: I really do not under-stand all zis fascination weez ze run-ning and ze puff-ing and ze sweating, though –



Kenzo: You need exercise, man. And stop with the smoking.

Tancredi: Ah but you do not under-stand – smoking eet ees ZE national pastime een ma France. For e-very man, woomeen and ze chil-dren aussi. Eet ees een ma blood.



Tancredi: Eeny-way, eet has been fasci-nating theese after-noon, watching ma petite framboise, an’ you shall al-weez ‘ave ze lee-tle place dans mon coeur, but – I ‘ave found ze love of my life, an’ zo I must to take my leave, an’ see what eet ees she ees up to. Au revoir!



Kenzo: Bet you’re glad to hear that, eh, Fen?

Fenchurch: Who’a’thunk? But it just shows there’s someone out there for everyone.



Oona: There you are, Fenchurch *tsk tsk*  I was going to show you a new outfit you’d look good in, but it’s too late today. Paladin and I are just going out. You and your soccer!

Fenchurch: Ah, but isn’t exercise part of looking good, too?

Kenzo: She’s got you there, cuz.



Oona: What-EVER! But tomorrow – you will try it TOMORROW. See you all later.



Kenzo: It’s gonna be a couch potato evening.

Fenchurch: Ya THINK? **looking at Chance**

Kenzo: Maybe we should pants him?

Fenchurch: Tempting… Eh, it’s Chance – let’s show a little pity.



May ended with several little bits including this letter from Fenchurch to Dear Draculina, under the pseudonym “Love and Affliction”, the phrase she had used a couple of months before when teasing Hiro.


Dear Draculina >>> posted May 31, 2006.


I don’t usually write anyone for advice, but a housemate insisted I do it.


There’s a boy I like a lot, and I think he likes me. The other day he said some very nice things to me, and when I complimented him, he spazzed out. On my suggestion, a wedgie was then administered by a disinterested third party. I made light of what I’d said, and changed the subject.


What should I do now?



Love and Affliction


Draculina advised that the male ego was a very delicate thing, and she would have to gently coax it out. L and A opined that it was like observing gorillas in the wild. Disinterested Third Party didn’t know what the term “spazzed” meant. And Hiro found the gorilla allusion very creepy! But not to worry – Fenchurch and Hiro find their way in June.


Another little bit at the end of May pertained to the weekend picture theme:



I promised Gobnait this dress



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