Fenchurch’s Valentine

Posted February 15, 2008 by Fenchurch




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**humming happily**



Always prepared, with her pocket knife…



Fenchurch: Ohhhh



Hiro, this is wonderful…



She’ll keep watch over my other treasures from you – the crystals and the bird skull *smile*…



…and there’s a little packet in here, as well as a card…



**reading**…awww, you always say the nicest things, Hiro… I owe you an e-mail on top of this letter; I promise I’ll write you on the weekend.



Let’s see what’s in here…



*giggle* Photos! I like this one of you and Tadashi…



**reading back** LOL, yes, he sure didn’t!



My favorite pic – “Seductive”! *giggle*



Ohhhh… I remember that… *smile*



**reads captions**



*giggle* You are SO funny, Hiro! *giggle*



…I really like this pic of you! As for the caption on the back –



It’s true… thank you so much, Hiro… Happy Valentine’s Day…



I love it when she uses her pocket knife (a gift friends of mine brought back from Italy).


Enclosed in Hiro’s package were photos for Zimta and Chance, of their sweeties from the house of galatia9. Zimta’s was posted on the boards –


Zimta got a little present for Valentine’s Day



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