“The Art Of Feng Shui

 - a Sparrow Sisters short subject

Posted June 4, 2006




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Buddha Girl: Eh, sisters, LOOK! We got nice new toilet now!

Angry Sparrow: It under tree.

Tragic Plum: Oh, um, it’s NICE… but…



Buddha Girl: It GOOD feng shui. Bat’rooms shouldn’t be in houses. Dey should be sep’rate.

Angry Sparrow: It gots a view.

Tragic Plum: Oh, gosh, it really needs a curtain, or SOMETHING…



Buddha Girl: HEY! Who t’p’ed OUR tree?

Angry Sparrow: I tink I know.

Tragic Plum: Oh, and they left the toilet seat up, too!...



Speculation was rife about who dunnit, and the toilet seat was considered a prime clue!


Meantime, Tancredi felt the need to soothe his beloved on account of the distress caused by the AU Tan and Fen’s love scenes:


E’Clair, ma belle cherie



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