Posted March 1, 2012




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Young Gobnait: Hey lady, you must be new around here –

Clever Lotus:



Young Gobnait: Those’re some pretty impressive pig-stickers you got there –



Young Gobnait: Though the way you’re got up, you look like you’re late for Halloween. Or maybe you’re early – TOO early –







Young Gobnait: ************!



Clever Lotus: Eh – it soun’ like somebuddy lefdey faucet runnin’…*chuckle*

Young Gobnait: *whimper*…



Never tease the professional assassin, either – *wink*…


When not engaged in a story, my BJDs congregate on my living room sofa, aided and abetted by BF Carl, who suggested this scenario –



You’ve Heard of “Flash-mobs”...



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