M’sieur Bee Eff Carl say eet

 ees for my own good >>>

Posted  November 10, 2006 by Tancredi




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-- zat 'e keed-nap moi an' take me to leeve at 'is maison. 'E does not approve of ma liaison avec ma belle E'Clair *le siiiigh*.



I try to make ma-self une omlette, mais af-ter all zees I find 'e has pas des ouefs dans le fridge. O well, at least I can light ma cee-garette...



Ah, zere ees a lime tree near ze front porte... eet ree-minds moi of ma maman's jardin at home een France... si belle.



I een-joy a lee-tle soleil by ze swee-ming pool... but I 'ave too much ze malaise dans mon coeur to sweem...



Zere ees an ee-normous tele-vision to watch, but ze Bee Eff 'e does not 'ave ze cable, zo I am lee-meeted en ma viewing plaisirs.



*le sigh* May-bee 'e keep 'is vins een 'ere... ?



Ah, c'est une automobile formidable... !



Zees ees magnifique, une automobile sportive Americaine... C'est VROOOOOOM, n'est pas? Eet ees not exactement ma bee-loved Citroen...



What 'ave we here? Are zey what I theenk -- ?



Hmmmm... 'ow kind 'e leeve zees here...


To Be Continued...


(Tancredi's tee by BATCHIX.)



I think you know what happens next… but not before galatia9’s Etienne Gavreau touches base with his spy Shulamith, asking after her and thanking her for the info she gave him. Shulamith sweetly (for her) acknowledged him and his change of hairstyle in her usual come-hither way, provoking yet another verbal duel between him and Clara’s Jersey Boy:


So glad to be of *service*, Gav



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