Big Girls in alphabetical order




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(Allegra Thorne)


Volks SD13 Emma,  adopted July 2006.


The 15-year old sister of Paladin and Tarquin, sweet and dreamy, but with a willful streak that may soon cause trouble…


(Recast Nov. 2007 as Nigella Leighton.)




(Allegra Thorne)


Volks SD13 Madoka, with special face-up by Kyon, adopted August 2007


This is who I always envisioned for Allegra, as I think Madoka resembles Heath (Paladin).








Space Reserved

for Alma





Domuya Limited Edition Azziza the Sorceress, adopted October 2006.


Rendered immortal by the vampire Varius centuries ago, Arsinoe returns to reunite with her long-time beloved.





(Boudicca Gladwell)


Dollmore Bella Auden, adopted April 2006.


Age 18, been there, done that (refers to herself as “Eurotrash”), and cousin to Waramon and Persephone on their mother’s side.




(Cecily Pargiter)


Happydoll Margo, limited ed. of 2, adopted January 2008.


Mother of twins Neville and Demelza, this elegant and high-powered business woman doesn’t let life pass her by – not by a long shot...




(Chieko Hitada)


Domadoll Geul, adopted February 2008.


Age 13, sister of Natsumi and Takuya, school pal of Tabitha. By turns petulant, tomboyish, and just wanting to be taken seriously in her family.





(Demelza Pargiter)


Happydoll Marin, adopted October 2006.


Age 17, and another school friend of Oona’s. Although she resembles Fenchurch, her temperament is diametrically opposite. Flirty and girly, she has a nasty little passive-aggressive way of manipulating boys.




(Demelza Pargiter)


Still Happydoll Marin, but with a lovely new face-up from Jay Searle, November 2007.


Her new look is bound to keep Beckham around!





(Dorothy Hargraves)


Volks SD13 Cyndy I, adopted October 2006.


Age 17, and one of Oona’s school gal pals. Pert and pretty, she’s named for a character in the “Big O” anime series. She may be a heart-breaker for some of my boys…





Luts CP Dark Elf Soo on small-bust body, adopted April 2008.


An Elf by birth, but raised in the human world, she seeks answers regarding her past; we shall all be surprised together.








Space Reserved

for Evelynde






Happydoll Marin special edition of 2, adopted October 2006.


She is the physical manifestation of a tiny dark corner of Fenchurch’s soul. Set loose by sheer will on her part, she takes pleasure in spreading chaos and pain. A real fun chick.





(Fenchurch Amick)


Happydoll Marin, adopted February 2006.


Age 16, she’s a smart and pretty tomboy who wants to be an archaeologist. She’s also good at playacting, but would rather be kicking a soccer ball or reading.





Happydoll Marin, Special Edition of Two (Fabien’s mate), adopted August 2007.


The physical manifestation of a tiny SAD part of Fenchurch’s soul, she droops through the day with languid grace, bringing all around her down with her sweet pessimimism.




(Gobnait Rearden)


Elfdoll Nabee, adopted October 2005.


Age 17, and the resident slut, flirting and throwing herself at any boy BJDs in her path, but  always returning to my Hound, Waramon. Also known for tormenting her younger brother, Malfoy.




(Gudrun Schneider)


Volks SD16 Olivia 2nd ed., adopted July 2008.


Another glamorous supermodel in our midst, this Teutonic beauty is also the aunt of Ulf and Lars! I’m sure she’s thrilled.






BW CP Lishe Elf modded and painted by Evenstar, adopted August 2006.


It is said that Hibou was abandoned in the woods as an infant, and raised by owls – hence her, um, odd behaviors. Her name is French, meaning “owl”.




(Hyacinth Chatto)


Dollstown WS Estella head, with face-up by SDink, on WS AOD body, adopted August 2007.


Bright and opinionated, she’s the 18-year old cousin of the Leightons, and Nigella’s gal pal. Sometimes she’s a little too outspoken, but that never stops her!




(Hyacinth Chatto)


Dollstown Estella head on Dollstown 15girl body, face-up by SDink.


At last, in July 2008, Hyacinth got her proper body!




(Ione Crosbie)


Hypermaniac Ishta, face-up by Jay Searle, adopted March 2008.


Another English rose, with nicely-concealed thorns. Age 19, but thinks like a 39-year-old; as deadpan as they come.





Luts CP Delf 2007 Juri B head on mature bust body, adopted January 2008.


A wandering Elf woman, kin to Inigo and Sanar. She will find that which is lost, but not treasure of the material kind.




(Keziah Kingsley)


Luts CP Delf 2007 WS Nanuri vampire head on mature bust body, face-up and opened eyes by Ange (Shankula), adopted May 2008.


Varius’ fledgling from Regency England; he could not bear to see her carried off by consumption. Pretty, flirtatious, and willful, she has adapted well to her twilight life.





Bobobie tan Ophelia, face-up by Ragdoll, costume by Wendy Neiderhauser Schwendel,  adopted August 2008.


Yes, the Kleopatra. Just a little manifestation of the Spatial Anomaly under the House of Beamlette




(Lorenza Acquavella)


Souldoll Hye, adopted June 2007.


Age 18, hailing from Italy, she finds herself plagued by dreams from the past – the past of her namesake incarnation.





(Natsumi Hitada)


Happydoll Lucy, adopted October 2006.


Age 17 and another of Oona’s school gal pals, she’s rather nicer than Dorothy! She caught the eye of Fenchurch’s older college-going cousin David. Lucky girl!




(Nigella Leighton)


Volks SD13 Emma, with face-up by Switchblade Aesthetics. (formerly Allegra Thorne)


Nigella is the fraternal twin of Howell Leighton. Stylish and graceful, nevertheless she wields an iron fist in that kid glove with which she handles younger brother Smythe.





(Oona Murakami)


Elfdoll Special Soah, adopted September 2005.


Age 17, pretty and a little ditzy, she is the girlfriend of Paladin, and the fashion arbiter and social coordinator of the group.





(Persephone Sinclair)


Souldoll Clara, adopted June 2006.


Sixteen-year old sister of Waramon and half-sister of Tancredi. A computer geek, she is precociously cynical and ever-mindful of her wayward but loving full-brother.




(Quintana Roo Wentworth)


Volks SD13 Jun Tachibana, adopted November 2007.


Quade’s older sister, age 17. Their parents named her for a character from Heavy Metal magazine. Thankfully, it could be successfully abbreviated.




(Romaine Rethoret)


Elfdoll Reminisce Nabee head, modded and painted by PamSD,  on Soom Smoky Day Gena body, adopted October 2007.


Sexy 19-year old tomboy Romy, older sister of Gervase, tries to figure out just what is her old boyfriend Yoshi’s problem. Good luck!





(Shulamith Grigore)


Volks FCS SD 13 Sunlight girl with F-16 head,  adopted May 2006.


A broody 18-year old with a dark past and an equally dim present and future. Lies about her age – says she’s 14 because that appeals to her clientele. After failing to steal Malfoy from Tabitha, she has chosen to be faithful to no one…




(Tsuchida Suzume)


Elfdoll Reminisce Soah head, modded and painted by Switchblade Aesthetics, on Shinydoll Thassa body, adopted December 2007.


Cousin of both Akinobu and Hisashige, and fiancée of Akinobu. All were childhood friends; now Akinobu uses their betrothal to torment Hisashige – much to Suzume’s distress.




(Tabitha Cusack)


Volks SD10 Megu (pureskin), adopted August 2005.


The older of Chance’s two younger sisters. A smart-mouthed 13-year old who finds herself in trouble more often than not. She also plays a mean – and we do mean MEAN – banjo.




(Tryphena Strudwick)


Volks SD16 Garnet,  adopted November 2007.


Gal pal of Cecily Pargiter; they make quite the pair of cougars in search of young males…




(Vivienne Barrett)


Dollshe Afghan, styled by Anu, adopted August 2008.


Boudicca’s best friend from their school days on into their high-powered modeling careers. Viv never met a champagne she didn’t like.








Space Reserved

for Yuko





CP Elf Juri of 2005,  adopted December 2006.


Zimta is a Mold Elf from the woods where Hibou lived, and her special friend. She’s come to the city to visit the owl girl, who she misses, and to have an adventure or two…








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