Big Boys in alphabetical order




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(Tsuchida Akinobu)


Volks SD13 boy with Sweet Dreams School A Head, modded and painted by Ravendolls, adopted November 2007.


Akinobu is the cousin and master of ninja Aoki Hisashige. Haughty and manipulative, he enjoys tormenting his cousin in underhanded ways.




(Andronicus Sinclair)


Dollshe Hound, face-up by DE, adopted Sept. 2008.


Older brother of Waramon and Persephone, age 22. He ran away from home at age 16, with nary a backward glance. Where he’s been, what he does, and why he’s here now are all very good questions…





(Beckham MacLeod)


Volks FCS SD13 boy, F24 head, Sunlight Skin, adopted October 2006.


Age 17 and one of Paladin’s school friends, currently Demelza’s long-suffering boyfriend. Try as he might to break up with her, he never quite succeed...





(Chance Cusack)


Volks SD13 Isao 2nd ed., adopted July 30, 2005


He was my first BJD, and the start of it all. A sweet and confused 15-going-on-16 year-old, who is responsible for two younger sisters, since their parents mysteriously disappeared. Currently the boyfriend of Wynnefred, owned by galatia9 (Linda Soule).



David, Winslow and Aaron


(David, Winslow, and Aaron Tait)


Lati Red Line M, Lati Red Line K and Bluefairy  Jerome.  All adopted August 2006.


David, 19; Winslow, 16; and Aaron, 9, are the cousins that Fenchurch happily grew up with in Tucson, Arizona, and regards more as brothers than Easton. Smart, fun and unpretentious, it will be interesting to see them adapt to the circus that is part of Fenchurch’s life now!




(David, Winslow and Aaron Tait)


Lati Red Line M, Lati Red Line K, adopted Aug. 2006; Aaron recast with Bluefairy Louis, adopted July 2007.


Fenchurch’s cousins have adjusted nicely to life in the Beamlette household; David has found a nice girlfriend in Natsumi Hitada, and Aaron is best friends with her brother, Takuya.








Space Reserved

for Desmond




(Easton Brickell)


Souldoll Lupinus, adopted July 2006.


18, charming and smug, he is the annoying half-brother of Fenchurch, and very much like the unreliable father they share.




(Ellis Chevalier)


Volks SD13 Link head (face-up by unknown artist)  on Volks SD13 Tohya body, adopted September 2007.


The 17-year-old brother of Owen Chevalier. He possesses an easy charm, and is smoother and more luxury-loving than his older brother. Although they are miles apart in style, their brotherly bond is strong when the chips are down.




(aka Hengist)


Volks SD17 Alain, adopted February 2008.


Yet another of Fenchurch’s previous incarnations, a Germanic princeling’s fourth son brought to Rome by one of Tiberius’ generals to be educated as go-between.




(Gervase Rethoret)


Happydoll WS Arthur head, face-up by SDink, on Dollshe NS boy body, united February 2008.


Age 17, best friend of Ellis Chevalier, classmate of Beckham and Neville. Working on figuring out his place in the scheme of things.




(Hippolyte Lauvergeon)


Tensiya Manu Bermann, adopted July 2007.


Tancredi’s younger full brother. Age 16, with an angelic disposition, he has just broken away from the seminary, and seeks some sort of higher truth. Whether he finds it here is another matter entirely.




(Aoki Hisashige)


Volks FCS SD13 boy with  F-28 head, ordered Nov. 2007, adopted March 2008.


Hisashige is yet another of Fenchurch’s past male incarnations, a ninja from 17th-century Japan, with a highly-developed sense of duty that sometimes conflicts with his innate sense of honesty and decency.




(Howell Leighton)


Volks SD17 Reisner, adopted July 2007.


English born and bred, and the best friend of Fenchurch’s cousin David. He and his twin sister, Nigella, ride herd on their younger brother, Smythe, as needed.






Volks FCS Sunlight SD13 boy with F30 head,  adopted January 2007.


An elf who no longer wants to live as an elf, he abandons his people in favor of joining Ms. Beamlette’s madhouse – brave elf – or crazy…




(Isambard Kingdom Brunel Gladwell)


Dollmore Model Huey Lewis, adopted November 2007.


Older brother (age 21) of Boudicca. Named for a 19th-century British impresario, he aspires to live up (or down) to this grand title. His other achievement is being a thorn in his sister’s side, for which he shows great aptitude.





(Kenzo Murakami)


Elfdoll Basic Wu, adopted April 2006.


Seventeen years old, a cousin of Oona’s, he plays the violin and soccer with equal skill. Gobnait and Boudicca once fought over him, but he is devoted to another girl elsewhere…





Luts CP Elf Chiwoo, with face-up by Jay Searle, adopted Dec. 2007.


The younger brother of Mold Elf Zimta, and the opposite of her cheerful disposition. Dislikes being dissed by High Elves, among other things that stick in his craw.









Space Reserved




(Malfoy Rearden)


Volks SD13 Kohya,  adopted November 20, 2005.


A shy and artsy 15-year-old, he adores his girlfriend Tabitha, and avoids his bullying sister Gobnait as much as possible.





Happydoll Arthur one-off, adopted December 2006.


Yet another spin-off of someone’s tiny dark bit of his soul, he seeks a mate. Will it be – Fabien? Fenchurch? Or one of our other fair maidens?




(Mihai Grigore)


Volks SD13 Ebony skin Irvin, adopted August 2008.


You know how it is with unwanted relatives, always showing up. It’s Shulamith’s turn to relive the past.




(Morrison Bonney)


Luts CP Abadon, face-up by Christy Allum, adopted June 2008.


Age 20; another school mate of Owen and Yoshi. His major is pre-law – which may be helpful for certain of his friends…




(Neville Pargiter)


Happydoll Arthur, adopted November 2006.


The twin brother of Demelza, he introduced her to his pal Beckham against his better judgment. Though she may be his sister, he still can’t help but side with his best friend.




(Owen Chevalier)


Volks SD13 Link head, modded by Dollovely, face-up and tattoos by Switchblade Aesthetics; on Volks SD13 Isao body, completed August 2007.


Age 20, college friend of Yoshi, he tries to get the derailed train of Yoshi’s life back on track. Owen is studying archaeology, to further himself in the family antiquities business. Pragmatic and resourceful, this makes him good to have on your side…





(Paladin Thorne)


Volks SD13 Heath, adopted August 2005.


A quiet and handsome 17-year old who has to deal with an overbearing older brother (Tarquin) and a flighty younger sister (Allegra). His consolation is his girlfriend, Oona.





(Quade Wentworth)


Volks SD13 Shiro, After School Version, adopted November 2006.


15 going on 16, and Chance’s best friend. He doesn’t like the way Allegra is trying to get her hooks into Chance… why won’t she get her hooks into HIM?




(Robert Sheridan)


Volks WS SD13 F-24 boy, adopted January 2008.


Arsinoe met him in Elizabeth I’s court, and saved him from the grave by making him her fledgling. After many decades apart, he comes to renew their acquaintance, and make some new ones…




(Smythe Leighton)


Volks SD13 Cecile the Scarface Ocean of the Deep Black, adopted May 2007.


Age 16, cheerful and ever-optimistic, he enjoys chatting up people. This can backfire on him, as he does stretch the truth, but there’s no malice in his intentions. And the eye? A cosplay accident.





(Tancredi Lauvergeon)


Dollshe Tanning Impressive Hound with Tensiya face-up, adopted April 2006.


Nineteen and fresh from the sunny skies of southern France, he lays on the accent as heavily as he smokes. Half-brother to Waramon and Persephone, by their father’s French mistress, he lazily drifts along, speaking of a beloved he refers to as “ma belle E’Clair”…  Oh, and he has a part-time job as an Angel of Death.





(Tarquin Thorne)


Volks SD16 Yukinojo, adopted March 2006.


Older brother of Paladin and Allegra, and the bane of Paladin’s existence, because Tarquin gets all the attention, and ALL of the girls (except one!). He is supremely self-confident, and supremely shallow.






Latidoll Chaim, 2006 Limited edition, adopted January 2008.


Once a noble Elf ages ago, he has long since put that behind him, and now works as a shinigami, when he became acquainted with part-time Angel of Death Tancredi. Though I doubt they punch a time clock, or carry lunchboxes, hm?






Happydoll Marin Boy, special limited edtion of 2, adopted November 2006.


He is the bloodthirsty warrior Fenchurch was in another incarnation, come to be her guardian angel.






Volks FCS SD13 boy, F-31 head, Snow Skin, adopted October 2006.


Varius started his mortal life in the time of Emperor Constantine, and has seen much of history go by. Worldly and cynical, he enjoys baiting Fenchurch’s cosplay character, Sir Integra Wingates-Hellsing, the vampire hunter of the “Hellsing” anime series.





(Waramon Sinclair)


Haute Doll Exclusive  Hound by Tensiya, adopted December 2005.


18, charming and sensual,

he’s known to “bat for

both teams” flirting with

just about anyone, but his

one consistent relationship

is with Gobnait.





(Yevgeny Grigorevitch Yusipov)


Souldoll Eckstine, adopted January 2007.


Age 17, born in the United States of Russian parents. A school friend of Winslow’s back in Arizona, he was Fenchurch’s first boyfriend. She broke it off because she wouldn’t continue taking his emotional abuse.




(Yoshi Murakami)


Elfdoll Standard K, adopted June 2007.


Age 20; the older brother of Kenzo. Ostensibly at college to become a doctor, but sidetracked by the less-savory side of life, who knows what direction his life will take…




(David Tait)


Angelregion WS Kai, adopted November 2007.


David at age 13, he keeps an eye on the younger ones, and administers child justice when necessary.








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